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magical apple ring


Tea, Fruit and Love

Friends only
magical apple ring

Please comment and tell me why I should add you.

You should add me because I'm cute!

But of course you are, that's why you're already my friend ;)

because I like apples!

(oh wait, I'm already on your friends list anyway.)

p.s. happy birthday!

You should add me because reading my journal may make you a better person. And before you say that sounds pompous--remember that I said may. :-)

And I live in Wakefield!

Aha! Well I read a few entries and I'm not sure I'm a better person now, but I'm definately a hungrier person after that mention of fish and chips.

You should add me cos I'm another poly person in the UK, and there aren't many of us around ;-)

aw go on, you know you wanna!

Mary x

Sorry, been away from internet for a bit lately (exam time..). But I've added you now. You're right, there's not many of us around, either that or most of us are in hiding!

Hairy Dave bradwell

u shd add me cos we wuz gud frendz when u used to vist me in bradwell

Re: Hairy Dave bradwell

Can't add you if you don't have an lj account!

You sound like an intersting person. On occasion I have come accross your comments in others journals.
I have to say I think having you on my freind list would be interesting.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Wow, okay, you're added :)

Well to be honest fishy5 has made reference to your journal several times in the last few weeks. I think it might be interesting to actually see what he's been going on about. Besides I'm always up for getting to know someone new.

Whats he being saying? Good or Bad?
You seem nice enough, consider yourself added.

we have the same birthday...but you are a year older.

random i know...was just browsing though user infos and saw that!

Wow, would be even cooler if you were born the same year, then we could argue about how many minutes older one of us is, heh. But yeah, you sound kinda fun, mind if I add you?

Um... You don't know me!!!
wait... that's not a good reason...
um... I know where you live!!!
*looks around*... no that wasn't good either...
I'm a freak!!!
That's the ticket!

Hello Sophie. I would be interested to know how you are, and what your doing.


Otherwise I would have to use that whip a little harder... or not let you off your chain to "lick wounds"

Oooh okay okayokay I add you!

You should add me because that's the only way i'll add you and you can stalk me *g*

Because I have heard lots about you!!! - and if you wanna find out why you are gonna have to add me (or look at my friends list that will give you a big hint lol)

I am an angel - who wouldn't wanna be friends with an angel?

Oh and I virtually poke my tongue out at Rob everyday...which I am sure you agree is a worthwhile reason on its own :D